Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dublin - Churches

The architecture of many of the oldest buildings in Dublin is quite similar - grey stone.  Both St. Patrick's and Christchurch Cathedrals are built in similar styles.  Christchurch has been the site of a church since 1000's and St. Patrick's all the way back to 400 AD.  Both are episcopal churches (since the Reformation).  The interiors were far less decorated than many of the catholic churches we have visited.  It was a bit annoying to have to pay an entrance fee (it was included with the Dublinia museum pass), but I understand the need for financial support for the restoration efforts.

It was particularly cool that an international organ competition was underway in Christchurch cathedral.

St Patricks
 View of Christchurch from the tower of the Dublinia Museum
 View from the Dublinia tower
  floor tiles in Christchurch

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  1. Boy, I'd LOVE to have been there to just soak in the organ competition ... and in such an atmosphere. Nearest thing to Heaven...